Program 9, 10 September 2023


Workshop Herfstmagie

Atelier Herboristerie
(Français – deutsche Sprache)

Programme des ateliers de L’Herboristerie St Adalbert en partenariat avec Nature et Technique asbl:

De 11h15 à 13h15

*Visite du jardin et cueillette, rencontre avec les Lamiacées, Labiacées ou Labiées.
*Eau d’arquebusade. (De l’allemand Hakenbüchse composé de Haken (« crochet ») et de Büchse (« arme à feu »)
*Omelette au fines herbes.

De 13h30 à 15h30

*Vin des cardiaques amélioré. 
*Délices de fromage aux herbes.
*Visite du jardin.

De 16h00 à 18h00

*Visite du jardin et cueillette.
*Vinaigre des quatre voleurs.
*Bouillon de fermentation.

Chaque atelier inclut une visite herboriste du jardin, une tisane, une fiche de la recette, et vous repartirez avec vos créations soigneusement emballées pour prolonger le plaisir chez vous.

Tarif comprenant l’entrée au Chateau, un atelier au choix: 41,00€. Tarif sans entrée 30,00€

Accueil et inscription sur place 15 minutes avant l’atelier.

L’inscription sera confirmée à la réception du paiement sur le compte BE84523081274759.De l’école d’herboristerie St Adalbert Merci d’indiquer votre nom et prénom, suivi de l’horaire de votre choix, en communication.
Pour toute information n’hésitez pas à m’appeler au 0494 49 39 49

Hex Flower’s Arragements
(Nederlands – Frans)

Come and discover the art of flower arrangements
Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 12:30
During the session, learn the basics of this refined art; shapes, colours, heights, rules, etc, with the magnificent flowers from the Hex garden!
Whether it’s to impress your friends or just for the pleasure of decorating your home with pretty colours and delicate fragrance, Stéphanie d’Ursel will share all her secrets with you to make creative and elaborate arrangements.Take your creation home with you!
Don’t forget your pruning shears.
Price includes admission to Hex Castel and one workshop : €36.00
Registration will be confirmed on receipt of payment into the Urselia BV account: BE13 3350 1533 5039
Indicate your NAME and FIRST NAME, followed by the DAY of your choice, in communication.
For any information, please contact events@hex.be

Workshop Lepels Snijden

Demo lepel snijden – initiatie Op het domein van kasteel Hex.
Op zaterdag en zondag geeft Rudi van @atelierjamaer demo’s lepel snijden!
In een 3 uur durende outdoor demo workshop leer je een ruw hout bewerken tot lepel.
Deelname vanaf 14 jaar!
Kasteel Hex biedt de mogelijkheid om gratis deel te nemen aan deze demo’s.
Ruw hout en gereedschap worden aangeleverd
Inschrijven via https://www.atelierjamaer.be/kalender of @atelierjamaer


Ode aan de tomaat

Program 2-3-4 June 2023


Program 10 and 11 September 2022

HEX, the other garden and outdoor event 10, 11 sept 2022 programme
plants – food – tools – furniture – clothing  



-Vegetables (revised and updated), by Martyn Rix and Roger Phillips, ed. Pan Macmillan

introduction by Peter Bauwens, in the presence of Martyn and Alison Rix

-In de moestuin met Wim Lybaert (In the kitchen garden (of Hex) with Wim Lybaert), ed. Manteau

Voedselbosrand (Food forest margin), by Madelon Oostwoud, KNNV-pub.

-Le jardin anglais, (The English Garden), by Nathalie de Harlez de Deulin, ed. Royal Academy of Belgium

+ book-signing


. Chickpeas

History, botanical classification, cultivation practice, variation and culinary application, by Peter Bauwens (de nieuwe tuin). This exhibition is the result of 5 years of selection work within the project ‘Vakmanschap Teeltselectie’ (Seed Selection Expertise)


. Meet your greens : pictures of vegetables


. 40 varieties of potato, exhibited by De Tuinen van Weldadigheid, as well as

  a collection of 60 varieties of seeds of leguminous vegetables and about 40 varieties of garlic ready for

  planting for sale


. Plants with

  an AGM (Award of Garden Merit) by the Royal Horticultural Society, with a +, ++, or +++ by

  Staudensichtung, Roses of the year, Roses of Excellence, at Crea Flora, Devriese-Luyssen Sierplanten, FDN

  Böttcher, Green Globe, Planterij Groenstraat 13, Lens Roses, Nijssen Bulbs Heemstede and many others

. Sustainable seed cultivation

  photos and presentation of growers, sieving, seed cleaning, at Vitale Rassen



  The system and the method; what actually is aquaponia and how do you apply it in your

  own garden ? by Ecogarden Design *)


-of PERENNIALS, ANNUALS and BIENNIALS is shown and explained by Crea Flora, Cruydt-Hoeck,

 EcogardenDesign, FDN Böttcher, Planterij Groenstraat 13, Humus, Silene, and many others

-of ROSES, explained by Lens Roses

-of delicious SALTY VEGETABLES, the pleasant side effect of climate change, by  De Tuinen van Mergen-

  Metz, following the book ‘Zilt’ (Salty) by Annette van Ruitenburg,

-of mushrooms is even more striking than in many other living organisms, explanation by Groene Takken

. OYAS/OLLAS in the context of water management, explanation of use, what you can do with flower pots

   when you are away and to promote rooting during the first two years of a newly planted orchard/

   hedge/wooded bank, so that they do not suffer in drought, by Ecogarden Design *) and Future Envie *)

. walk along the rosehips, with explanation about WATERING ROSES, by Lens Roses


-information on specific PLANTING PLANS, which do not require additional watering and explanation why

 such a global  design is useful with a focus on the challenge of sustainable water management for green

 areas, by  Ecogarden Design *)

-useful plants to PROMOTE AND MAINTAIN ‘BEE-odiversity’, by Planterij Groenstraat 13 *)

-building a LIVING and HEALTHY SOIL, with and without water, by Humus *)

-OLD AND LOCAL GRAINS and the importance of grinding on stone, explanation by Futur Envie

-creation of gardens according to PERMACULTURE principles, explanation by Futur Envie

. BEES and BEE Plants

-‘BEE-odiversity’, by Planterij Groenstraat *)

CLEMATIS species for bees, at Clematis FDN Böttcher

-BEE-special RELATIONSHIPS between insects and plants, info at the Cruydt-Hoeck stand and explanation

 by Jojanneke Bijkerk *)

-beeswax wipes for SUSTAINABLE FOOD STORAGE, and beeswax and soy wax POMANDERS,

 demonstrations by Kruidjes *)

. BLACKBIRD and other birds

  a wide range of plants and shrubs, useful for birds in the garden, from different breeders

. A large collection of FAGUS (beech trees), at Cassano

. GLASS in many shapes, at Italiaans Servies and own creations at Devriese-Luyssen


-extensive collections, at Silene, incl. Cycle en Terre, Cultivation, Tuinen van Weldadigheid, Vitale Rassen,


-from traditional ITALIAN vegetables, sapori profumati della cuccina Italiana, at Kweek

-of 60 types of LEGUMES, at Tuinen van Weldadigheid

-from sustainable SEED CULTIVATION of vegetables and dried flowers, at Vitale Rassen

-from seed to harvesting in the vegetable garden, while preventing DISEASES AND PESTS in a sustainable

 way, by Vitaverda *)

-sowing and growing DRY FLOWERS with a demonstration of how to put together bouquets, by Silene


  for beginners, Crassula sarcocaulis does not require root pruning, demonstration by Kaspoo


-walk in the gardens along the rose hips, with Lens Roses *)

-preparation of rosehip- syrup, -sugar, -salt, -breadcrumbs, -powder, demonstration by Kruidjes *)

. Bronze GARDEN TOOLS tips on maintenance, by Kopersporen, and bring your own pruning shears;

  Green and sustainable all year round, and more balance in your vegetable garden, demo in the vegetable

  Garden *)

. Making WOODEN SPOONS, demonstration by Atelier Jamaer

. Virtues and vices of LAURUS, powder, salt, ‘tea’, jelly, gin and liqueur of bay leaves, apple juice infused

  with bay leaf and ginger, jelly, at Devriese-Luyssen

. An APP for your phone to show your own garden design, as a landscape architect would

  do for you, demonstration by Hortus.ar

. Shirin-yoku FOREST EXPERIENCE, by Woudwijs. You will be introduced to the healthy influence of   

  walking in nature

. Biological solutions, respecting nature, for fighting BOXWOOD MOTH, by La Pyrale

  du Buis.


. NATURE playgrounds for CHILDREN

*) For dates and hours please see schedule


Programme 3, 4, 5 June 2022

The United Nations has declared 2022 ‘International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture’

At Hex this will be translated into information on Aquaponics and the water requirements of plants.

2022 is also the year of year of the beech (Fagus), blackbird, and glass; additional themes at Hex include biodiversity, bees, soil, etc.



The worldwide forager, by Roger Phillips, published by Unbound.
Introduction by Nicky Foy-Phillips

De eetbare siertuin, translated by MergenMetz, ed. Noordboek, original title : Toutes les plantes belles et comestibles, by Didier Willery (manager, collections Vastérival) & Pascal Garbe (director, Fruit gardens Laquenexy), éd Ulmer.
Introduction by Norbert Mergen (MergenMetz) in the presence of the authors.

+ book-signing


Meet your Greens : unusual pictures of vegetables and fruit.



. The edible ornamental garden (in response to the book De eetbare siertuin); a selection of EDIBLE  PERENNIALS, at MergenMetz

 . AQUAPONICS What exactly is aquaponia? Explaining why it is so popular in permaculture and how you can

   apply it in your own garden, by Ecogarden Design*)


-of PERENNIALS, ANNUALS and BIENNIALS will be shown by Crea Flora, Cruydt-Hoeck, FDN  Böttcher, Planterij Groenstraat 13, Silene and many other nurseries

-of ROSES, explained by Lens Roses *) Dutch/Fr

-of DROUGHT RESISTANT PLANTS, due to their root system (prairie plants), as well as their leaf shape and  colour, explained by Planterij Groenstraat 13 *) Dutch

-of plants in POTS, explained by Silene *) Dutch

-when SOWING in the OPEN GROUND, by Silene *) Dutch

– The function and usefulness of OLLAS (clay vessels) in the context of WATER MANAGEMENT; how to  manage flower pots and container gardens when you are not at home, and how to promote rooting  during the first two years of a newly planted orchard/hedge/wood bank, enabling them to dry weather,  by Eco-garden Design *)


-information about specific planting plans, where NO EXTRA WATER should be required; why such a global design is useful with a focus on the challenge of sustainable water management for green areas, by Eco-  garden Design *)

USEFUL (BEE)PLANTS, at Planterij Groenstraat 13 *) Dutch

-building a LIVING and HEALTHY SOIL, with and without WATER, by Humus *) Dutch/Fr


-their importance and application in the garden, by Planterij Groenstraat 13 *) Dutch

-a dozen wild species Clematis specially for bees, at FDN Böttcher


  demonstrations, by Pierre Antoine Bauchau *) Fr

. BLACKBIRD and other birds

  an extensive choice of plants and shrubs useful for birds in the garden, at Green Area

. A large collection of FAGUS (beech), at Cassano


-extensive collections at Silene incl. Cycle en Terre, Kweek Gent

-traditional ITALIAN vegetables, sapori profumati della cucina Italiana, (flavours and scents of Italian  cooking), by Kweek Gent

-composing seed BOMBS, demonstration by Kruidjes *) Dutch

. Bronze GARDEN TOOLS; tips on maintenance, bring your own secateurs, by Kopersporen

. Making ROSE jams, syrups, sugar, salt, breadcrumbs, powder, demonstration by Kruidjes and tasting of   Syrups *) Dutch

. Methods of GRAFTING Viburnum, bring you own branch, by Ward van Teylingen *)

. Virtue and vice of LAURUS, laurel powder and -salt, by Devriese-Luyssen

. Filling (Eye) CUSHIONS with FLOWERS and HERBS, demo, and explanations about their beneficial effects, by Kruidjes *) Dutch

. About thirty old species CLEMATIS for planting in historical contexts, by FDN Böttcher

. WALK around the ROSE history of Hex based on the book ‘Verde Bloemen’, by Daniëlle Houbrechts of   Kruidjes *) Dutch


*) For dates and hours please see schedule



Programme September 2021


Soil biology, compost and soil cultivation.
by Marc Verhofstede, in the vegetable garden (stand 74).
+analysis of your own soil sample  (read more ...)

Sat./Sunday at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00

Dyeing textiles with vegetable materials.
by Caroline Klinckhamers, at the front of the lane (position 3).

Sat./Sunday at 12:00 pm: vegetable dyes
Sat./Sunday at 14:00: ecoprint technique
Sat./Sunday at 4:00 pm: Applications in quilts and shawls

Pruning of espalier fruit.
by Paul van Laer (NBS), in the vegetable garden (stand 76).

Sunday at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00

Propagating flowering shrubs by grafting.
by Ward van Teylingen, in the inner courtyard (stand 71).


Rose collection on the terraces.
Walk with Rudy Velle (Lens Roses), starts in the inner courtyard (stand 52).

Sat./Sunday at 11:00 - French spoken
Sat./Sunday at 15:00 - Dutch

Maintenance and sharpening of your secateurs.
by Henny Schalen (Kopersporen), on stand 40.


Pruning Clematis as a patio plant.
by Jean Marie Dheedene (FDN Böttcher), stand 8.


Preserving and preparing edible flowers.
Making seed bombs and greeting cards with seeds.
by Daniëlle Houbrechts (Kruidjes), in the stables (stand 60).


Ecological garden design.
advice by Ellen Fierens (Ecogarden Designe) at stand 42.



Nymphea and Lotus
by Daniel Ost, at the Chinese Garden (stand 72).
 -with Agua and Pottenland.

Aubergines for the North
by Peter Bauwens, in the Carriage Hall (stand 75).

Dried flower bouquets
by Lieve Adriaensen, in the stalls (stand 55).

by Rik Storme, on the drive (stand 7).

by Norber Mergen, on the causeway (stand 59).

The announced presentation of the book Vegetables by Martyn Rix and Roger Phillips (Macmillan) is postponed to September 2022.

74 exhibitors show their best products: unusual plants, shrubs and trees, artisanal products for gourmets, original garden decoration, quality seeds, bulbs and tools. (read more ...)

Catering by Traiteurs Pohliq, Leopold City Food, Bouchon Roulant, the Rural Guild and 'Wafeltjes van bij ons bomma'.

Continuous walks with the guides from Hex.

Nature Playground for children.


Programme June 2021


Information at the stand will show the indispensable importance of biodiversity and of bees, ‘bee-odiversity’ as Rik Storme calls it.

Rik talks about flowers, bees and bumblebees. In addition to domesticated honey bees, there are wild or solitary bees. The latter are divided into polylectic bees, which find their pollen in many different plants, oligolectic ones, which find pollen in special kinds of flowers, and even monolectic ones, which depend on one kind of flower.

Bees and flower plants have evolved simoultaneously.


At their stand, Jean Marie Dheedene demonstrates how to prune a Clematis into a patio plant (in a pot). They have many. In anticipation of September, they will also be showing a collection of winter-flowering Clematis.


No-mow May
Nowadays we are becoming used to dryer summers, which means we can cut down on mowing, conserve moisture and enjoy the wild flowers in our lawns.

On her stand, Ellen Fiers will explain some simple tips which will help save time and effort, keep your lawn greener, look beautiful AND be good for the environment !


Anne Adriaensens presents a collection of seeds - unmodified and grown in an eco-friendly way - of edible flowers and plants, which are also beautiful, with suggestions for their preparation. Insect-loving plants are also discussed as well as the special medicinal qualities of Artemisia annua..

New in their collection are the vegetable seeds, plants, and seedlings from Cycle en terre.


At their stand, Marc Geens and Greta Crauwels explain how a grower develops new varieties. They demonstrate this with one of their new varieties of gooseberry: Ribes uva-crispa ‘Sumar’.


The quality of fruit and vegetables, of all healthy and vital food, starts with a healthy living soil with a lot of humus. Marc and Benedicte Verhofstede explain how to create healthy soil in your own (vegetable) garden.

Healthy soils are the foundation for healthy food, life and planet.


For children from 6 to 12 there is a nature playground behind the first stands in the avenue of plane trees, while for the little ones there is also a play forest in the ‘manège’.


‘The Worldwide Forager’, by Roger Phillips, edit. Unbound POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 2022 due to Covid19


2020 Program

The United Nations have proclaimed 2020 the International Year of Plant Health. The initiative is aimed at increasing awareness among the public and policymakers around food security issues..

On the programme therefore there will be demonstrations, walks and information sessions about : food safety, useful insects, biodiversity, bees and bee plants, sustainable gardening and soil health.


Insect Walk

Walk through the gardens with Hans van Hage from the organic rose nursery De Bierkreek and learn about growing without chemicals, the role of beneficial insects, and how plants build up resistance.

De Bierkreek

Healthy Management

Jean Marie Dheedene will demonstrate how plants can thrive by using ladybirds to protect against aphids in the tunnel greenhouses, by watering plants individually, and how to make plants resilient and insect resistant by using natural methods.

FDN Böttcher

Soil and Vitality

Plant health is related to soil life and soil health and the way diseases and pests occur in a crop is closely related to the resistance in the crop system. Just as healthy food can improve human resistance, so it can also improve plant health. Marc and Benedicte Verhofstede will show you how to successfully cultivate in collaboration with nature.


Bee Plants

Information at the stand will show the indispensable importance of bees and Rik Storme will introduce you to the best bee plants for every season. There is a small exhibition (weather-permitting) of the Wild Bee Calendar: for sale via https://www.wildbienen-garten.de/kalender-1/ You can also view the recent book (Plantenvademecum voor wilde bijen, vlinders en biodiversiteit in de tuin) by Arie Koster, the indispensible, major reference work, about bee plants. Planterij Groenstraat 13


Kevin Lennertz shows you how to make an edible flower arrangement. Daniëlle Houbrechts explains the preparation and processing of the flowers. Martine shows you how to use beewax covers -instead of plastic - to preserve flowers and foods.
Spices and LK Floral Service

Nature Playground

For children from 6 to 12 there is a nature playground behind the first stands in the alley of plane trees, for the little ones there is also a play forest in the ‘manège’.

150 Years Lens Roses

Rudy and Ann Velle celebrate the 150th anniversary of the rose nursery that they acquired from Louis Lens. There will be an exhibition on the stand and a walk with Rudy to look at the numerous different rose hips at Hex.
Lens Roses


Ellen Fiers will give a demonstration about plants that are "insect-resistant" and can be integrated into all forms of planting, as well as showing how biodiversity and permaculture help create an ecological balance and provide a solution for sustaining important insects. Ecogarden Design

Cycle Gardening

At their stand, Marc Geens will introduce you to sustainable gardening, which also includes cycle gardening and garden planning.
Kruisbessen Proeftuin

Copper traces

'Traces of Copper'. A demonstration by Henny Schalen and a chance to experiment with bronze garden tools, as well as having your pruning shears sharpened (for a small fee) plus instructions for maintenance.
Copper traces

Dyeing Natural

Caroline Klinckhamers shows fabrics dyed with wild plants. There will be 3 demonstrations: (1). which plants supply dye (2) the ecoprint technique (3) applications (artistic quilts and shawls) CK-Quilts

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