Visit Hex?

Hex is a private estate.

The castle is inhabited by the d'Ursel family, who are the distant relatives of the founders of the estate in the 18th century.

To guarantee the privacy of the residents it is not possible unregistered to enter the gardens or the park.

There are nevertheless numerous occasions and ways to visit the gardens and the park of Hex as a garden lover.

The Garden Festivals of juin and september

 The gardens and park of Hex are open to the public twice a year for a weekend. During these days it is possible to enjoy a group walk with guide.

Our guides are ready every hour to tell you in four languages the gardens, the history and the collection of special plants.

Group visits throughout the year

Would you like to come at another time of the year to experience the peace and tranquility of the estate until you get to know the work in the garden up close? It is possible to make an appointment with a group of up to 35 people.

We provide a guide for your group in the language you want.

The price for the visit is 15 € per person with a minimum of 300 € per group. There is a discount for groups of students.

Group visits are generally possible every working day of the week (not weekends) and this with the exception of school holidays.

Contact the secretariat in time (at least 6 weeks before the planned date) to request a group visit or for more information.


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