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Ward van Teylingen had the largest Virburnum collection in the world, a National Plant Collection Boskoop, 300 of the 450 known, some of which are not adapted to our climate. Growers from all over the world came to look at this collection. Collecting is a hobby that got out of hand. Growing Viburnum gives enormous satisfaction and pleasure. It is a very large genus with a great variety of leaves, flowers and berries, both in size, small size and smell. Viburnum is found throughout the world in temperate zones. Most are from Asia and the USA, but they are also found in Europe and Russia. Of course, there are also several own selections to his name.

After 50 years of experience in the tree business, of hard work and collecting, Ward and Ineke moved their collection in 2007 to the collection garden Mei Chu in Drenthe (NL), where also other national collections can be found (Bamboo, Euonymus and Wisteria). However, they remain collectors with a wide range for the interested plant lover.

The Emmenopterys that they once presented in June was in exceptional bloom later that year in Arboretum Kalmthout! Ward was the initiator of the stand with experts. From now on he is a fixed value in Hex where he, with ever changing experts, with or without his own stand, shares all his knowledge with you and with the others tries to answer all your questions.

He starts immediately: Transplanting of shrubs and trees.

If it has not been in the same place for more than two or three years, a tree or shrub can be replanted without any problem. It depends a bit on the root system; a plant with a few (tap) roots is more difficult to transplant than one with a dense root system. In order to get a better root system, the plant tree should be dug up regularly, this is the best way to prepare for transplanting. When a tree or shrub has stood in one place for more than three < six years, a trench should be dug around the plant. This should be about 20 cm. wide and 30 cm. deep.

Then the roots that grow straight down have to be cut through so that the plant becomes loose. The trench is then filled with potting compost or good garden soil and made well wet; after about 4 to 6 weeks, new roots have formed in the fresh soil and the plant can be lifted out of the hole and moved.

The time for transplanting is autumn, mid-September and mid-October. Trees and bushes planted in autumn strike much better to because the ground is still warm.

Trees should be transplanted in November, later than shrubs in October.

Pruning of shrubs.

A shrub/shrub, can be pruned all year round.

1) Pruning in the spring will result in vigorous regrowth,Pruning is grow'the proverb rightly says.

This substantial regrowth can then be cut back to two eyes (nodes) in July. In flowering shrubs, cut back the non-flowering branches to just below the top of the shrub.

2) When walking through the garden, wheneverpinch out the soft buds from the branches of all the bushes with your thumbnail. It is not visible, but the plant stops there (with growth) and makes new eyes on that branch and gives back a small shoot that still has flower buds on it.

In this way, the shrub concerned will remain small and compact for much longer, while flowering will be more abundant.

3) If a bush has become too big and/or too old, it can be rejuvenated. Cut or saw off half of the branches to 30/40 cm above the ground, the rest the following year. The new branches that appear can then be cut in half again in July of the first year.

Now it is time to share the knowledge and experience gained.

The Plant Festivals of Hex in June and September are a great stage for Ward, where he is a EXPERT is present, and among other things also shows how to Viburnum can inoculate.

He will answer all your gardening questions and give advice to the best of his knowledge on soil knowledge, diseases and pests and how to combat them.

Sorting knowledge, pruning, planting, propagating and sowing.

He will also help the youth with their gardening problems and his contribution to the children's workshops will enable them to create their own little garden without major problems.


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