Ellen Fiers

Lambeaulaan 110 BE-1200 ST LAMBRECHTS-WOLUWE




The visitor, young and old, will experience a "natural experience" through "tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and feeling" how a garden can be a true sensory paradise.

Children will certainly get their money's worth here. The little ones can colour in a "Nature" mandala to their heart's content and the older ones can draw their own dream garden.

Why this prologue? From experience, they have realised that it is precisely through this experience that people better understand where the emphases lie in the design of an ecological garden. The plan is then designed with the client after thorough discussions and analysis of the existing green space.

Thus, your garden will be considered a complete "biotope". The emphasis of the design is therefore on finding the appropriate plants, trees, fauna and insect associations, developing optimal soil health, water and energy use, and so on.

So you will also experience a whole learning process as your garden plan progresses from ecosystems to an adapted biodiversity that respects the laws of nature!

If you want to get started yourself, it is perfectly possible to do so on the basis of the detailed plan, otherwise they will be happy to help you. Are you interested in adapting your garden or maybe just transforming a piece of land into " edible biodiversity " then just come to the stand where Ellen Fiers will be happy to assist you!

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