Het programma van september 2020

The United Nations have proclaimed 2020 the International Year of Plant Health. The initiative is aimed at increasing awareness among the public and policymakers around food security issues.

On the 2020 Garden Days program, you will find demonstrations, walks and information sessions on food safety, healthy gardening, beneficial insects, biodiversity, bees and bee plants, soil and vitality, circular gardening and much more…

Hans van Hage from the organic rose nursery de Bierkreek takes you on a tour in the gardens and teaches you how to cultivate plants without chemicals, explaining the role of useful insects and how plants build a natural resistance.

Jean Marie Dheedene from the clematis nursery Foundation Böttcher shows you how their plants thrive thanks to their use of ladybugs against aphids, how to water plants individually, and how plants can become resistant to diseases with natural resources.

The well-being of plants comes from the condition of their habitat, they need a living and resilient soil to be healthy. The appearance of
diseases depends of the resistance of the environment. In the same way as a healthy diet can reinforce our immune system,
plants can also benefit from it. Marc en Benedicte Verhofstede from the compost farm Humus have been demonstrating for years already how you can be successful by working with nature.

Rik Storme from Planterij Groenstraat 13 shows us the best bee plants for each season and explains the importance of bees. There will be a small exhibition - weather depending - of the wild bees calendar. You can have a look at Arie Koster's new and reference book about wild bees, butterflies and biodiversity in the garden, Plantenvademecum voor wilde bijen, at their stand.

Wilko en Helen Karmelk from the plant nursery Ferdinandushof will present in Hex the beautiful rambler rose 'Mieke Vanlommel'. This rambling rose is a vigorous shrubs with long, flexible stems and is easy to train over archways and pergolas. It is a soft rose, and smells delicious; a healthy plant that attracts bees and birds.

Ellen Fiers shows on her standEcogarden Designhow combination cultivation and diversity the solution are to keep away harmful insects. How to create a healthy eco-friendly environment in your garden? Ellen gives an introduction to permaculture.

And Marc Geens from Kruisbessen Proeftuin demonstrates on his stand his vision of sustainable gardening, namely waste-free techniques.

We are very happy and proud that Roger Phillips still comes all the way from London to introduce his new book 'The Worldwide Forager.Roger will be pleased to sign your copy and answer all your questions on worldwide foraging.


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