Guided tours in the gardens


2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage

The historic plants, roses, fruit, vegetables and annuals of Hex, plus those of the many nurserymen on their stands.


I Biodiversity

-Humus : silver Achillea millefolium (yarrow) as an indicator of the composition and condition of the soil. The plant has therapeutic effects and can be used in snacks, teas and tisanes. Demonstrations on the stand by Marc and Bénédicte Verhofstede.

-Cruydt-Hoeck : explore biodiversity in the garden, both on their stand with Jojanneke Bijkerk, and during a walk with Jasper Helmantel.

Explore edible plants with Roger Phillips, followed by a demonstration of preparation, cooking and tasting. He will do a demo of the preparations of wild plants, which he will bring from his gardens and fields in England. The recipes used come from his new book ‘Wild Cooking’, which will be published by Unbound. However, he is still trying to find funds for that. Would you like to help him and be mentioned in the new book? Then look at

-NEW at Hex: the medicinal garden, The Jardin de la Santé d’Herba Sana, designed by Isabelle Cornette, in collaboration with the Ortis laboratories and Herba Sana.

Isabelle and Luc Vanderkragt will take you on a discovery walk to the new garden, highlighting 25 medicinal plants, which are essential to create a healthy garden. They will also show you how to make remedies for your own natural family pharmacy and prepare delicious and healthy recipes. Taste a surprise treat on the stand after the walk!



II   Bees, honey plants, butterflies, beneficial insects are of vital importance not only to garden health but to the survival of mankind,

-Silene : seeds and planting materials for bee and butterfly plants, including NEW pressed flower pots, so that everyone can cheaply lure bees into the garden.

-Planterij Groenstraat 13 : On his stand Rik Storme shows you how to combine bee plants with other perennials.

-Cruydt-Hoeck : Jasper Helmantel takes you on a bee plant walk, showing you where it is good to plant bee plants and explaining how beneficial they can be in certain areas.

-De Bierkreek : useful insects or ‘cleaners’ in the rose and kitchen garden. Hans van Hage goes into the garden looking at parasitic wasps, gauze flies, ladybugs, earwigs … and he will show you his own population of solitary bees among the roses on his stand



III   Silver anniversary – 25 years of Hex’s rose and vegetable days

-Nurserymen and other participants will focus on displaying ‘silver’ plants on their stands, and explaining their uses and benefits.

-De Nieuwe Tuin : ‘Silver shades in the vegetable garden’. A selection of gray, silver and shiny vegetables and herbs for a beautiful, edible, sparkling, Peter Bauwens garden (including pumpkin, beet and sorrel). In June, the stand will feature the planting material, in September it will show the mature plants and seeds.

-Planterij Groenstraat 13 : featuring a silver (gray) border and an explanation by Rik Storme about the benefits and usefulness of plants with silver (gray) leaves

-Daniëlle Houbrechts : walk along silver herbs and plants with nurserymen; followed by a demo where you learn about their uses and taste ‘Hex’ tea made of silver herbs.

J.P. Misson : is the conifer specialist of the Low Countries. He will show Abies koreana whose needles are silver on the underside: ‘Silberlocke’, ‘Icebreaker’ and ‘Silver Pearl’; and the special Taxus baccata ‘Argentea Minor’

Promesses d’Ombre : even Thierry Modave and Marie-France Welcher have found silver foliage amid their shadow plants: Cheilantes lanosa (which by the way grows in the sun) and Anthyrum ‘Ocean’s Fury’






~ ‘DE MOOIE MOESTUIN’ (The Beautiful Vegetable Garden), by Julia Voskuil, ed. Forte Groen.

This superbly illustrated book offers tips and inspiration for growing and eating your own homegrown vegetables.

~ ‘Le Jardin des Merveilles’ Herboristerie simple et gourmande pour prendre soin de sa nature (‘The Garden of Wonders’, easy and gourmet herbal remedies to look after yourself), by Isabelle Cornette


-EXHIBITION by Peter Bauwens / De Nieuwe Tuin: radishes for all seasons.


-The ROSES LAUNCHED IN HEX will be exhibited and sold at the winners’ stands, amongst others by Lens Roses, who have 25 different


-Plants dedicated to HEX will be exhibited and available for sale at the growers’ stands


-PERENNIAL FLORAL MEADOW in border form, its benefits and uses, at Planterij Groenstraat 13


-TEA PLANTS (Camellia sinensis) for our climate at Rozenkwekerij De Bierkreek


-DEMONSTRATION maintenance of garden tools at Kopersporen